Alone With My Thoughts

It’s quiet here… a little too quiet. My family is sound asleep, and I’m still wide awake with no hope of getting shut-eye any time soon. Some nights I can zone out while watching a back episode of Dr. Oz. Other nights I prefer to cuddle up with a warm blanket and a good book. Tonight is different. Tonight, I am left alone with my thoughts. The what-ifs and what-nows that have been creeping into my mind for the past two days, making me doubt and causing a slight tic in my right eye. These last two days have been less than desirable, to put it politely. I feel frustrated and out of control, yet somehow, I think I’m supposed to feel this way. I need to remember  that things could always be worse.  This is just one more hurtle I have to deal with. It seems nearly impossible to handle at the moment, but I will deal with it. I haven't a clue how, but it’s what I’m supposed to do, so I’ll do it.

So, I 'm going to shut down this computer and be alone with my thoughts for a little while longer.