Funny How Things Work Out

This is a giant leap of faith
Trusting and trying to embrace
The fear of the unknown
Beyond my comfort zone

"I'm Letting Go" by Francesca Battistelli.  I've heard this song numerous times before, but hearing it today made me pause. For the first time, this song spoke to me in a huge way...

Last weekend, we made the trip to Cleveland to sign the lease on our new home. It still amazes me how we came across this place. Chris called on several rentals and really didn't get very far. Hardly any callbacks, and most of those we had talked to were pretty grumpy people who showed little interest in renting to us. Chris did manage to talk to a woman named Colleen about a house we had driven past when we visited Cleveland a few weeks ago. We made an appointment to meet with the landlady, but when we got there the house wasn't quite right for us. Colleen told us of two additional properties she was renting in the same neighborhood, and so we decided to take a look. One of those properties seemed promising, so we started with background checks and the like. Through all of this, we learned that Colleen's sister-in-law is related to the executive assistant, Joyce, at Momentum! What's the likelihood of that happening?! 

Signing the lease was one of those leaps of faith that stretch far beyond my comfort zone. When Chris and I first started looking for a house to rent, we did so fully aware that the numbers weren't adding up. You see, we have committed to raising Chris' salary for the next year, like missionaries. Yes, we are relying on financial support from others. A total leap of faith. And at the moment, the support was just trickling in. That's not to say we don't appreciate those who had made donations to us - we really do. Far more than most people may realize. But numbers don't lie - there just wasn't enough support to justify signing a one-year lease on a three bedroom house. I won't lie and say that we weren't concerned - we have two children. We need to be able to clothe and feed them and provide a safe place for them to live. But we signed the lease anyway, knowing that if this is truly what God has planned for us that He would provide a way for us to make it work. When we returned home that evening, a few more offers of support were waiting for us! We're still no where near being fully funded, but those donations are a huge sigh of relief.

I think Chris and I have been called every kind of crazy since we first announced our decision to follow what we feel is God's leading to relocate to Cleveland. A lot of people are concerned about our welfare (and possibly our mental stability). But we have done our homework. We know what it's going to take to make ends meet. We are well aware that we are moving to a city that is in serious trouble. Rest assured, we are not crazy. At least, not certifiable. God never said it would be easy, He just wants us to trust that He knows what He is doing. And so we do... and will.

So, tell me... When's the last time you've ever taken a leap of faith?