Got Ya Covered!

It's amazing how much stuff a family acquires over a five-year period. And most of the time, you never realize just how much stuff you have (or how much you really *don't* need) until it's time to pack it all in boxes and move it to a new home...

In preparing for Moving Day, Chris and I have attempted to purge the house of all of the stuff we no longer need or want. We refuse to move things that will only sit in storage, never to see the light of day again. Even with countless bags and boxes and furniture marked for giveaway, we still have a lot of stuff that will be making the move with us.

Which leads us to this:


and this:

Yup. That would be bubble wrap. A lot of bubble wrap. So much, in fact, that Chris could not fit the whole roll into our car! Nope! Several layers of this ginormous bad boy had to be peeled off and shoved unceremoniously into the trunk of the car while the rest of the roll took up the back seat. The *entire* back seat. At least my hubby was well-protected on the ride home from work. :)

When it comes to packing fragile items (husbands and children not included), I am emphatically anti-newspaper. I don't understand how wrapping a thin sheet of paper around something breakable is actually going to protect it. I prefer something with substance. Something that is soft and cushy and, logically, more efficient than a flimsy piece of nothing to keep my beloved tchotchkes from becoming a recyclable mess. (Not that there's anything wrong with recycling.) And, let's face it, bubble wrap is so much more fun to use! Are we really going to use it all? Hopefully not for this move alone. Though it will likely provide hours of fun for the kiddos post-move... And I hear it's a great stress-reliever. Cheaper than therapy, at any rate.

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