A Journey of a Thousand Miles…

Three years ago, if you had asked me where I planned to be and what I would be doing today, it would never have occurred to me that I would be anywhere but where I’ve always been: In Pittsburgh with my family, chasing after my kids, playing housewife, and being actively involved at church. I’ve never had the urge to willingly move outside of the city I grew up in, away from everything familiar. And yet…

After being a part of our church home of two years, Chris {hubby} and I began to feel God urging us to do more than play the roles of worship leader and Sunday School teacher, to do more than attending Sunday morning services and participating in a weekly small group study. Now, don’t get me wrong – we loved being involved. Our small group was more than just a Bible study – they were, and still are, like family to us. But God was pressing us to do something more, something different than the same old same old. And so, this summer we will be moving to Cleveland, OH to join Momentum Christian Church. Chris is taking a one-year residency in Creative Arts at Momentum, and we hope to eventually move on to help start a new church with God’s guidance.

You would think it would be a difficult decision to make – uprooting the family, leaving “home,” and on top of it all, moving into to the place where no self-respecting Steelers fan would be caught dead outside of football season – but instead, this is one of the easiest decisions Chris and I have ever had to make. We know God is in control.

So, the next logical step in this journey was to start a blog. A chance to share our adventures with family and friends (and whoever stumbles across this blog, as well). 

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